Coral Island — reimagining the farm sim game

Created by Stairway Games

A re-imagined farm sim game inspired by classics. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders.

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Meet the dateables (2/4) and Happy Valentine's Day!
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 11:13:56 PM

Special delivery for you...

Never would we have imagined receiving this much love and support from the community. Over 10,000 of you have backed our project. As a small, Indonesian indie studio, it's been incredibly heartwarming.

You guys didn't just fund this game in 2 days! You've made sure that Coral Island will become the game that we the devs, and you, our backers, want it to be... As farm sim players ourselves, it's beyond our wildest dreams to have a game with interactable merfolk, a whole Merfolk Village to explore, and complete seasonal outfits. With your support, we're now after multiplayer and more! It's a tremendous honor to be making this game alongside you all. Thanks for making our dreams a reality.


Stairway team (and Pablo)

OK, love birds... Here is the second part of our Meet The Dateables series. This one features Eva, Pablo, Leah, and Kenny.

Eva is a bachelorette. She is a happy-go-lucky baker who works at the general store. She enjoys talking to the islanders, be it local, new, visitors, everybody! And is good friends with a lot of them. Currently, Eva doesn't have a lot of savings but when she does, has dreams to visit more exotic places. According to the islanders, Eva is always a delight to talk to a positive ray of sunshine. A fan of red velvet cakes and cookies. Sews most of her clothes herself!

Loves: Cookies, Orchids

Hates: Garlic

Pablo: He and his brother, Rafael, are both blacksmith and bachelors. Never been caught without a smile on his face, Pablo is a natural attraction for the localssingles or not. According to his brother, despite Pablo's casanova persona, he is a romantic at heart and is ready to settle down when the right person comes along... When he isn’t smelting ores, he can be found around town, lending a hand to the townfolks, cleaning up the graveyard, or tossing anecdotes at the Tavern. Hates beaches—dislikes the sand in his shoes.

Loves: Sweet potato poutine

Hates: Durian

Leah lives her bachelorette life with her father and stepmom in an old massive house that the locals call “The Mansion.” She is a self-hired, yoga instructor at the community center and takes her online presence seriously. She spends her day wandering around the island with a camera on hand. Leah’s mother is an art dealer who travels the world constantly. So when her parents divorced, after long deliberation between the lawyers and what seems like a lifetime worth of legal fees, they decided that it would be best for Leah to stay with her dad. This was to retain some sort of stability in her life. She loves to be surrounded by nature, fine arts and a closet full of designer collections.

Loves: Pearl

Hates: All fish

Kenny, a part-time rancher, and full-time bachelor. He grew up in Coral Island and has fostered close relationships with other islandersbe it people, animals, trees, spirits from the beyondall of them. Besides making friends, he loves having lunch outdoors, vegan tacos, and cold kombucha. Kenny lives with his parents at a cabin in the forest and goes to the Ranch every day to take care of the animals. After he is done working for the day, he would head to the Local Tavern, or blacksmith shop to catch up with his friends. He usually spends his lunch breaks in the forest, or by the lake, sitting on the ground; snacking on edamame, and playing the flute.

Loves: Vegan taco

Hates: Cheese

Who's your fave of this batch, farmers?

Game Shoutout: Ova Magica (Live on Kickstarter!)

Ova Magica is combining the farming and monster taming genre with life sim elements! Do you remember your favorite classic games growing up when you were younger, and more recent games that pay tribute to them? Beloved favorites such as Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher, and timeless classics such as Harvest Moon and Pokémon!

 Check out Ova Magica Kickstarter campaign here 

Thank you for reading!

Stairway cupids.

Stretch goal: Multiplayer UNLOCKED!
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 10:37:10 PM

Not even halfway through our campaign, and you, our backers, have helped us reached the multiplayer stretch goal! The level of support and enthusiasm remains unreal to everyone at the studio. A big thank you to every backer.

What can we expect with multiplayer? We will be implementing several modes, including 4 player online farms and couch co-op, to name a few. Collectively progress through the game with your friends and see who can make the most gold, or race to see who will win someone’s heart first!

So, what’s next?

We've released a new batch of stretch goals. Beach and Festival Outfits is next! We will add bathing suits and 1 festival outfits to 20 NPCs (all date-ables are included)! Leave us your fun festival ideas in the comment.

Stairway ranchers.

Stretch goal: Mod support UNLOCKED!
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 07:50:32 PM

Another stretch goal crossed, mod support is in

The level of support and enthusiasm remains unreal to everyone at the studio. A big thank you to every backer.  In order for us to create modding tools that will best serve the community, we will start by first figuring out what parts of the game people want to mod the most. From there, a full-time developer will be assigned to continually expand moddable parts of the game.  We’re extremely excited to see what the modding community will create for Coral Island!   

So, what’s next?    

Multiplayer is next!!! Play with friends, spouse, whomever! We'll hire two additional full-time devs to implement co-op and up to 4 players online farm in Coral Island.

Shall we, farmers? We have a multiplayer goal to smash.

Stairway scavengers.

Stretch goal: Kids grow up UNLOCKED!
4 months ago – Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 03:33:30 AM

We've unlocked another goal! Now all KIDSYour children and the children around the islandwill grow up to the teenage years.

Left to right. Current Zoe, Goat, Teenage Zoe

This feature will include additional stories and relationship development. There will be new schedules, dialogues, and many more! For the Player's children (you can have up to 2), there will be a variety of children's designs. The children will have their own personality and interest;  you can influence this as they grow up, or let them discover it on their own.  Worth noting that the children's characters/traits are not exactly tied to the spouse you marry.

What's next!

Mod's Support is next at $500K. Modding compatibility! Help us figure out what type of mods Coral Island should support.

Thank you for reading, backing and believing in us!

Stairway folks.

Stretch goal: merfolk under-water village UNLOCKED!
4 months ago – Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 11:58:11 PM

The Merfolk Underwater Village is here! We have unlocked yet another goal together!! Thank you for supporting Coral Island and for your enthusiasm. The concept art for Merfolk Underwater Village will be included in the next update! Currently, it is not ready yet. You guys smashed the goals too fast! *wink*

Now, the fun part: We are expanding the diving map and adding more merfolk!

This is your ticket to explore the underwater village. There are many merfolk villages around the world and this pass will allow you to traverse the one located by the coast of Coral Island. Decipher their language and develop relationships with them!

So, what’s next?

The next in line is kids grow up! Raise your children and watch the neighborhood kids grow up. There are four growth stages for the Player’s offsprings, which area: Baby- Toddler- Kid- Teenager.

The growth stage is a little bit different for the neighborhood kids, as you will meet them by the time they are already primary-schoolers. So for the four kid-NPC (Archie, Oliver, Valentina, Zoe), you will get to witness them grow into teenagers at the same time within 3 years. This tier will include a new set of dialogues and schedules for each kid to make them feel more alive!

Stairway scavengers.