Coral Island — reimagining the farm sim game

Created by Stairway Games

A re-imagined farm sim game inspired by classics. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pre-order store LIVE! Survey and Rewards information
3 months ago – Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 02:35:54 AM

Pre-order store is now LIVE!

Pre-order store is linked: here!

We understand that some of you have payment problems with Kickstarter, so we will have Premium outfits and mythical pet available on the pre-order store only until March 31, 2021. After this limited time, the pre-order store will only feature a pack with the following items: Game key + Alpha Access + Digital Artbook + Digital OST.

For the pre-order store, we are only putting the Steam key option. As we work with console platforms over time, we hope to be able to add the console/switch keys back as a pre-order option. We'll notify you all as soon as this becomes available. We don't want to ruffle any feathers as our platform applications are still in process.

I haven't received my survey, should I be worried?

No need to worry! This is how Backerkit is processing the survey: 

1. We send out 1000 surveys first to random backers. 

2. Send another 5000 each day afterward.  

This is requested by Backerkit so it doesn't overwhelm their server. You will receive yours soon!

What/When to expect rewards

  •  Alpha: Alpha is planned to release June 2021. You will receive an email with a Steam key to claim.
  •  Early Access: Early Access launch is planned to release October to December 2021. A Steam key will be sent to you via email.
  •  In-game rewards (Dragon, Premium Outfit, etc): In-game rewards will be emailed in the form of keys. They will be introduced progressively throughout the Early Access period.
  •  OST/ArtBook: This will launch along with the 1.0 release of the game (October to December 2022).
  •  Name on Credits: This will be asked in the email. The credits will be available in 1.0 release.
  •  Character/ Pet designer pack: A list of festivals will be sent out for you to choose from. More details in the email. The process will start after the Early Access releases. NPC for Character designer packs will be featured in 1.0 release.
  •  Founder Statue: Founder statues will be featured on 1.0 release. We will email you a customizer for you to build a statue as soon as it is ready. You will be able to add a note of some things that you may want to add to the statue (ie: "Please add a scarf.") to the email, we will try our best to fulfil your note request. More in the email.


Have a wonderful week!

Stairway team

Post-campaign FAQ
4 months ago – Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 11:05:04 PM

Hi everyone! 

We've put together a post-campaign FAQ based on recurring questions we've seen. If something remains unclear, please leave your question in the comments below.


My payment on Kickstarter didn't get through. What should I do?

Please contact Kickstarter or notify your bank directly, as we are not the ones handling payments.


Now that the campaign has ended, what do I do?

Kickstarter is currently processing the payments and confirming backers. Once that is done, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with Backerkit, a platform we are using to distribute and manage rewards.

Will I be able to upgrade my pledge or purchase more add-ons? 

Yes. You will be able to upgrade your pledge and manage your add-ons. We'll have more to share as soon as we finish setting Backerkit up.

I missed the Kickstarter. Will there be a pre-order store?

Yes! We are in the process of creating a pre-order store on Backerkit. On the pre-order store, we will make tiers up to $125 available for a limited time. We know some of you just missed the campaign and or have trouble with payment on Kickstarter. After this limited time, the pre-order store will only feature a pack with the following items: the game for your desired platform + alpha access + digital artbook + digital OST.

How can I claim my rewards?

Backers will claim all rewards on Backerkit. You will be able to specify which system you want your game key for, the names to include for the game credits, and even suggest festival/mini-game ideas!

Do I have to make a Backerkit account to claim my rewards?

 No. You can use your Kickstarter email to access Backerkit.

What does the process look like for Pet & NPC Design?

For both Pet and NPC design tier, we will email you directly when ready to start the process. This will begin after the early access title releases. On top of this, for the NPC design details, you will receive an email from us about choosing the festival once we finalize them.

When are we going to receive the rewards?

The Alpha keys will be distributed through emails as soon as they are ready (June 2021). We'll share more about the other digital rewards in an upcoming update.

Can I get access to the Discord server?

Yes! Join us here: - the exclusive backer channel will be set up once the Backerkit platform starts receiving survey responses.

How will I be contacted for new updates or surveys?

We will send them to your Kickstarter email. 

Thank you, farmers!
4 months ago – Thu, Mar 04, 2021 at 10:35:59 PM


It has been an incredible 30 days. We can't thank you enough for backing and supporting Coral Island. Not only are we fully funded, but we also reached all of the stretch goals. This is beyond our wildest dreams. 

We feel so lucky to be developing Coral Island alongside you all. It's been heartwarming to see the community grow around Coral Island. From actively participating in Discord, helping us answer questions in and out of Kickstarter, and providing awesome feedback/suggestions, we're thrilled you'll be joining us on this journey!

What's next?

Our priority remains working on the Alpha that is scheduled to release this June.  Over the next 14 days, Kickstarter will confirm pledges with backers. We're also preparing Backerkit, an online platform that allows backers to manage their pledge, increase it to get new rewards and acquire additional add-ons. Specific for the Pet/NPC design tier, we will start the design process after the early access release. Stay put!

Later this month, we will post an update about the rewards, mini post-campaign QnA, how to claim the Discord title, and share a timeline of the project with you all. If you're interested in more in-depth progress of what we do every day in the studio, please join our Discord server. We post a daily development diary there!

Discord link here

For those who missed our campaign and did not have access to credit cards, we are working on a pre-order store. We will post an update to inform you when ready!

Thank you again,

Stairway team.

The Last Stretch Goal: Island Hopping UNLOCKED!
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 11:58:18 PM

Mission accomplished! All stretch goals have been reached! From now on, any additional funds will be put towards making the game better! Thank you!!

We are now adding island hopping to the game after the 1.0 release. Explore away!

Thank you for unlocking all the stretch goals. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we're confident that we can deliver.  To keep you all in the production loop, we will release a public roadmap in a few weeks. If you're interested in more snippets of what we do every day in the studio, feel free to join our Discord server. We post a daily development diary for more in-depth progress.

Join our Discord server here 

Mini QA

  • How do I proceed to claim rewards?

A: We are partnering with Backerkit to deliver the rewards. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, all backers will receive an email on how to proceed.  

  • For the 'Design an NPC' tier, how do I choose my festival as it is 'first come, first served'?

A: We will be contacting each 'Design an NPC' backer top to bottom based on who backed first with the list of festivals for them to choose from.

  • How do I redeem my __ (mythical pet, crown, clothing, etc.)?

A: You will receive redemption codes for those items. They will be account bound, so no matter how many saves you make of the game, you will be able to access those items and pets in each one.

What's next?

Setting up Backerkit and go back to making Coral Island!

Game Shoutout: Roots of Pacha (Now LIVE on Kickstarter!)

Roots of Pacha is a co-op farming and life simulation game set in the stone age. Help your once nomadic clan settle in a promised and fertile land. By connecting with nature you’ll develop Ideas to evolve, enrich your culture, relationships, and discover the mysteries of Pacha, mother nature.

Click here to check out Roots of Pacha on Kickstarter!

Thank you,

Stairway gamers.

Meet the dateables (4/4)
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 08:10:35 PM

Here is our last part of the Meet the Dateables. This one features Luke, Zarah, Rafael, and Alice!

Luke. Coming from old-money, this bachelor lives with his parents and dog, Taco, in the manor behind the vineyard, a family business that he feels pressured to take over. Not a fan of the silver spoon, Luke runs Socket Electronics in his spare time in an attempt to create a name for himself, separate from his family legacy. In his free time, he frequents the Beach Shack for some fresh seafood.  He is good friends with Ben and Pablo.

Loves: Ratatouille, Wine

Hates: Beach scavengeables

Zarah. An eligible bachelorette who is an adventurer at heart. Zarah lives on a boat. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures, be it gems, old artifacts, or a buried history. Zarah was born and raised on the other side of Coral Island. When her boat is not docked at its usual place, she is presumed to visit her family. But what really is going on in her life, nobody really knows. She can be a bit mysterious at times. Allergic to cats.

Loves: Rambutan, Azurite

Hates: Roasted Chesnuts

 Dev note: Look at that smile!

Rafael, along with his older brother, Pablo, who is also an eligible bachelor, runs a local blacksmith shop. As a reserved fellow, Rafael is rarely seen out at the town, but on rare days that he does, he can be found at Socket Electronics or Coral Inn, visiting his cousins and niece, Valentina. Rafael can be helpful for upgrading your tools, smelting ores, etc.  He likes horror movies, weaponry, and silence. Dislikes loud music.

Loves: Onyx

Hates: Fresh salad

Alice. A bachelorette. Alongside her twin sister Suki, they own, run, and live by the beach in Coral Inn. Running a business is hard, and running it with your sister is harder. Alice spends her days working at the inn and her free time hanging out with friends in town. She is a good friend with Noah, and they are often spotted together grabbing morning coffeeor in-depth discussion about unexplainable phenomenons.  Thinks pizza is overrated.

Loves: Green smoothies

Hates: Pizza

Thanks for reading,

Stairway peeps.